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Buffalo Bills '09 preview

Posted on: August 5, 2009 11:33 am
 Above Average. That is how I see this team and this season. Which I guess is a step up since they have been the model of an average NFL team the past few years, having gone 7-9 for 3 straight seasons.
 The Offense- With the (too talked about) acquisition of Terrell Owens this offense is improved. He and Lee Evans create one of the best receiver pairings in the NFL. This also restricts defenses from loading up on the line allowing Marshawn Lynch, when he returns in week 4, and Fred Jackson room to move. The offensive line is young and inexperienced, this is usually a recipe for disaster, however I do believe this unit if kept in tact will be a sound offensive line for years to come. The big question now??? Trent Edwards??? Is he the answer? Will T.O. and Lee Evans be enough to push this kid to the next level? It is going to have to be, for his and Dick Jaurons sake and security.
 The Defense- I am a big fan of this secondary. They are young,fast,talented and hungry. They will shine this season just wait and see.  The linebackers are above average. Kawiki Mitchell and Poz are real good players both could be Pro Bowl type linebackers. The defensive line is a bit older but with the return of Schobel along with Marcus Stroud, Chris Kelsay and top pick Aaron Maybin I think they can cause some damage...once again above average.
 Special teams- This unit has been near the top of all categories for a couple of years now and will be again. All they have done here is improve what is already a talented unit. Leodis McKelvin last years top pick is another weapon that can be used in an already potent return game. They have one of the best punters in the game in Moorman and a solid veteran kicker in Lindell. So all in all I expect this to be an exciting and entertaining(T.O.) season. Like I said above average......9-7.
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Buffalo Bills '09 preview

I basically agree with the majority of your points. The only thing we don't yet know is if Trent Edwards is able to step up to be a true leader and take this club on his shoulders and win games that could go either way in the 4th quarter. There have some flashes of that ability over the past 2 seasons, but not enough of them in my mind to show a consistant ability to rally a team. His preseason games to date have been less than inspiring and I am concerned about his unwillingness to throw the ball down the field. If he does, it usually results in one of our lineman, or one of theirs, crashing in to him as he is about to release the pass, which usually spells trouble.

There are intangibles here. Dick Jauron is still at the helm. He does provide a steadying influence on the team. Do they need a shouter/yeller type? We can talk about that after the season. The new veterans they brought in: T.O., D. Rhodes, have playoff experience, which we did not have enough of before. The hurry up offense might be a weapon we can use to dictate tempo. The draft class appears to be young, tough and athletic, and gives us depth at areas where it was sorely needed. The depth on this particular team is the best that I can recall for the past 5-6 years running.

So, when you add it all up, where are we? I realize that the schedule is not very favorable, and we were anemic against the AFC East last year. But that was last year. We all know that things can change quickly in the NFL from one year to the next. People that are still thinking that last years team is this years team are clearly not dealing with reality. Give them 5 games and see if they are above 500. If so, the winning feeling can be contagious and lead to more winning. I know we had a fast start last year, but like I said, this is a different team, with different skills and talent and capabilities. I am looking forward to the season, and for the sake of D.J., hope that he returns next year, which means that he guided us to the playoffs.

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